Parenting children with Nexmif syndrome

Parenting children with Nexmif syndrome

Remember that every time you look at your child, you talk to him/her, smile, or just laugh, dance, read, play or sing, he/she trains his brain. Aside from the professional therapies he will undertake, this is the greatest gift you can give. When you are with him, dedicate yourself fully, without thinking about work or anything else. Also remember that rest, yours and yours, is important. The best way to hold back what you learn is to alternate training phases with relaxation and distraction phases. Show him that you love him as he is, that you accept to see him grow up according to his own times, regardless of what others think.

Give him, show him confidence, satisfaction, gratitude and joy.

Delegate from time to time if you can and think of yourself, take care of yourself and don’t rush or feel guilty.
You must rest, indeed. It is important never to run out of mental, physical, emotional strengths.

Don’t close yourself off as a fighting alone warrior, which unfortunately happens to many moms. If possible, first of all face this hard life as a couple, as a family. Each member, with its characteristics and qualities, can help on this journey.

Fine to be nervous, angry with life. But only for a while.

As long as you understand, just like me, that you have already been gifted, in having such a rare, unique soul, who teaches you every second what really makes sense and who, at the end of your days, will have made you live.